Dreams and Wishes Children’s Charity

Dreams & Wishes aims to preserve and create positive childhood memories by fulfilling ‘dreams & wishes’ made by children and families deemed underprivileged and in need. They aim to foster, provide and create positive childhood memories to children who have been exposed to domestic violence, physical/sexual/emotional abuse, homelessness, poverty, abandonment and neglect.

Lakeridge Health Children’s Holiday Wishlist

During the holiday season, Lakeridge Health feels the generosity of our community. Our Paediatric department is lucky to have so many wonderful visitors who come bearing gifts for our young patients, from preemie babies to teenagers.

Sloanes House

Sloane’s House is where families of children, up to twenty one (21) years, with complex health needs will come to join our family of caring professionals; a supportive community of parents and caregivers.

Olivia’s Elves

Olivia lost her very courageous battle with cancer when she was just 13 and part of her final wish was that her parents continue to spread joy over the holidays. With her generous spirit in mind, Olivia’s Elves are raising funds to help Dreams & Wishes Children’s Charity fulfill wish lists for underprivileged families across the Durham region!